GLA Substrate System

This week we will be bringing 2 new substrates to the planted aquarium keeper. Our first is a nice natural toned sand, perfect decorative sand for the foreground or the entire tank.

The second is one of my personal favorites. Crushed lava rock milled to the perfect size to accommodate any plant, even your favorite ground cover such as HC. Easy planting and plenty of room to host beneficial bacteria colonies in its micro pores. It will also work extremely well as filter media in a canister filter, hang on back or even in your sump.

You can also use the lava rocks to build up your soil substrate such as our Shrimp Sand from Up Aqua, or the Aqua Soil from Up Aqua. Using this as a base layer will help keep your slop in place and aid in securing any hardscape such as heavy stone or wood.

Not having a base layer under any soil substrate will eventually lead to your nice slope that you started out with flat and sad. So by adding a dense substrate such as lava rock will keep the slop in its place and prevent that dreaded substrate slide. It will also aid in colonization of needed beneficial bacteria colonization by making there home in the micro pores of the lava stones.

Atomic Paintball Co2 Regulator Nano – V1 and V2

The Atomic Paintball CO2 Regulator V1 & V2 series is a superior quality CO2 Regulator for planted tank setups using paintball cylinders. The nano regulators are designed specifically for use with Atomic CO2 diffusers. The V2  incorporates a 3.3 watt low voltage, high quality solenoid, engineered in Germany. The series features a super precise needle valve and speed-fit tubing connection for ease of installation. Features fixed working pressure, designed specifically for use with Atomic CO2 diffusers.

Nano Co2 Kit

This is our new nano co2 kit, the kit uses Atomic components from top to bottom. The regulator,cylinder stand,bubble counter and diffuser are all Atomic components.

This all in one turn key kit can also be upgraded with a solenoid for inline use. Most disposable co2 systems similar in look to this kit can not accept a solenoid due to the extreme high working pressure. This regulator has a preset working pressure that will allow you to incorporate a solenoid by simply applying one in line on the co2 tubing prior to the bubble counter.Everything you see is included except the rimless tank.