Change your CO2 without interruption – with our Ultimate Changeover System

Our Changeover CO2 System allows you to switch between two CO2 cylinders easily, without an interruption to your CO2. This system connects two CO2 tanks with one heavy-duty flexible hose, as one cylinder empties you can switch to the second full cylinder, allowing you a longer time between trips to refill your CO2.

Setting New Standards in CO2 Equipment

Our team of CO2 experts is always working hard to ensure that we provide our customers the best possible equipment. We specialize in CO2 regulators. Our custom regulators are built to surpass the highest standards in CO2.

We are proud to introduce the newest advancement to our custom regulators, our advanced, built-in CO2 bubble counter, now standard on all of our custom built CO2 regulators.

Out with the old brass bubble counter, and in with the new, sleek GLA bubble counter. Designed with built-in filtration and a no-fail check valve; crafted of CNC aluminum with a modern, slender appearance.

Check out our complete lineup of custom CO2 regulators and CO2 systems and take control of your CO2. We are confident that our regulators will take you to the highest standard in design, control, performance & reliability, with a team of CO2 experts standing behind our products. Let us know if you have any questions, we are always here to help.

We love it … the ‘Intense’ NEO Solar LED

This is truly one of our favorite LED’s for planted tanks. The NEO Solar Hi-Power LED stands out with it’s modern design and advanced optics. Its 6500K white light mimics natural sunlight, promoting lush vibrant aquascapes for freshwater tanks.

It’s one of the few all-in-one LED aquarium lights that has a fully adjustable arm built in. It’s ready to install on any frameless tank. No need to purchase or ponder over any other installation hardware, which saves you time & money. The mounting arm has four lockable, adjustable links that can be positioned to fit your needs; making this LED versatile for a variety of tank setups.


Another great feature is the shimmer it produces. It’s shimmer is truly outstanding. You will be as surprised as we were to see such intense shimmer in the aquarium water. Feel free to email us your videos of it’s shimmer to share with everyone!

A few more great features to mention…

  • The NEO is 100% waterproof, which is awesome!
  • It doesn’t need a built-in fan, so it operates silently, without noise!
  • It’s power consumption is only 30 watts



Our PPS-Pro Fertilizer Pack … Just Mix & Dose

It’s ready to go…our new PPS-Pro Fert Pack is everything you need to get started with the Perpetual Preservation System (PPS) method of fertilization. The PPS Pro method is a convenient, low maintenance method of fertilizing your planted tank.

Our PPS-Pro Fert Pack includes:

  • Two 500mL Fertilizer Dispensing Bottles
  • Plantex CSM+B (trace elements)
  • Potassium Nitrate KNO3
  • Mono Potassium Phosphate KH2PO4
  • Potassium Sulfate K2SO4
  • Magnesium Sulfate MgSO4

What you will need to get started…

  • our PPS-Pro fertilizer package
  • distilled or RO water
  • a digital scale

Preparing the fert mix in the 500mL dosing bottles…

The following solution recipe is based on the use of two 500mL bottles. For alternative bottle sizes, please download the PPS-Pro calculator to determine the correct solution recipe. Before starting, we recommend to boil the plastic bottles to sanitize them.

Step 1.

Bottle #1 – use your digital scale to weigh the following ferts, then place dry contents in bottle:

  • K2SO4 – 29 grams
  • KNO3 – 33 grams
  • KH2PO4 – 3 grams
  • MgSO4 – 20 grams

Step 2.

Bottle #2 – use your digital scale to weigh the following ferts, then place dry contents in bottle:

  • Plantex CSM+B – 40 grams

Step 3.

Fill both bottles with distilled or reverse osmosis (RO) water, up to the 500mL water level line. Screw on caps tightly and shake well. Let the mixture sit over night until dissolved completely.

How to dose the mixture…

The recommended dosing quantity is 1 mL of each bottle per every 10 gallons or 40 litres of aquarium water. Dose daily, prior to your aquarium lights turning on.

Dosing examples:

  • 5 gal / 20 litre –> 10 drops
  • 10 gal / 40 litre –> 1 mL
  • 50 gal / 200 litre –> 5 mL
  • 100 gal / 400 litre –> 10 mL

The Newest TMC AquaRay LED lineup for Planted Tanks

Tropical Marine Center TMC has recently released their newest series of LED’s designed for the planted tank. We are happy to make them available to our customers.

Their newest LED tile, the AquaRay Grobeam 1500 Ultima, uses the latest and brightest generation Natural Daylight CREE XB-D Natural Daylight PowerLEDs with a 6500K color temperature for optimum plant growth and color rendition. Consisting of 10 x 6500K high output LEDs. It’s wide-angle beam allows for optimum and even light distribution at over 2000 lumens for full illumination of the freshwater biotope.

Also introducing, the newest TMC LED strip, the AquaRay Grobeam 600 Ultima. The Grobeam 600 comes in two options: a single strip with one power supply or the Dual Pack which includes two Grobeam 600 strips powered by a single power supply. These LED strips use the latest and brightest generation Natural Daylight CREE XB-D PowerLED’s with a 6500K color temperature for optimum plant growth and color rendition. Consists of 5 ultra-efficient CREE XB-D PowerLED’s. 1 x 12W 6500K. Wide-angle (120 degree) beam allows light unit to be mounted close to the aquarium surface for optimum and even light distribution. 30% brighter than the Grobeam 500 it replaces.