New BorneoWild Tools – Going Fast

We have increased our selection of BorneoWild aquascaping tools. This is very exciting. The BorneoWild tools are beautiful and carefully crafted to be a professional, long-lasting aquarium tool. Our complete selection of BorneoWild tools is made of high-quality, surgical grade stainless steel, perfect for planting and timming diverse aquatic plants.

Check out the newest BorneoWild wave cutters, spring cutters, razor, substrate flattener, scissors, and pincettes. Also, make sure to read our latest blog about trimming foreground plants with less effort with the new BorneoWild Wave Cutter.

Custom CO2 Regulators, now with New Custom Solenoids

For most planted tanks, the CO2 regulator is one of the most important purchase decisions you will make. It is important to invest in a regulator that is reliable and built to last. Lasting performance is not only rooted in the quality of the regulator itself, but in the solenoid powering it.

Based on several years of careful observation and experience, we recently committed ourselves to making our CO2 regulators even better. So, we got rid of the Clippard solenoid, and replaced it with our world class, custom GLA solenoid, featuring excellent design, construction, control, durability, and reliability. These solenoids are built to last, because your investment is an important decision that we believe you should only have to make once.

Take a closer look, and see the improvement for yourself in our blog, where we compare our previous Clippard solenoid with our newest custom GLA solenoid. If you want a custom regulator that will enhance the appearance of your aquarium system, be extremely reliable, and forever dependable, then check out our selection of CO2 regulators today. All of our regulators are custom designed, one-of-a-kind, hand-built, and thoroughly tested for your aquarium.

We would love to help you with your purchase decision and installation of your CO2 regulator. Please contact us anytime if you need our assistance.