GLA High Clarity Aquarium Tank – Diamant Glass

Inspire and be inspired. The GLA High Clarity Aquarium is a vision of nature, designed for optical brilliance. Our aquariums deliver exceptional clarity in our extra clear, DIAMANT, low iron glass, allowing the true color of the aquascape to enhance your home. Low iron content provides higher light transmittance and excellent transparency. Our frameless tanks are skillfully hand crafted with polished, beveled edges, and precise silicone application for a seamless presentation. •

Where do you get your aquarium Inspiration?

As planted tank hobbyists, we are always looking for aquascaping inspiration. Sometimes this inspiration comes when we are least expecting it, and sometimes it comes from the most obvious of sources, nature itself. During some of our most recent canoe trips in Florida, we found a wealth of natural inspiration. Excellent, vivid ideas and aquascapes for our planted tanks. We would like to share some of it with you.

In an effort to organize canoe trips with our friends and future friends, we occasionally post trip announcements on our forum (Aquatic Plant Enthusiasts). Please let us know if you are interested in joining or organizing an outdoor adventure, such as canoeing or kayaking. Wherever you may live, we would love to get to know you.

Help inspire other hobbyists by emailing us a photo and/or description of what inspired your planted aquarium. Also, make sure to include a pic of your aquarium too (if you want to, of course). Just reply to this email or send to We will feature all of your inspirations and photos in one of our future newsletters.