We love it … the ‘Intense’ NEO Solar LED

This is truly one of our favorite LED’s for planted tanks. The NEO Solar Hi-Power LED stands out with it’s modern design and advanced optics. Its 6500K white light mimics natural sunlight, promoting lush vibrant aquascapes for freshwater tanks.

It’s one of the few all-in-one LED aquarium lights that has a fully adjustable arm built in. It’s ready to install on any frameless tank. No need to purchase or ponder over any other installation hardware, which saves you time & money. The mounting arm has four lockable, adjustable links that can be positioned to fit your needs; making this LED versatile for a variety of tank setups.


Another great feature is the shimmer it produces. It’s shimmer is truly outstanding. You will be as surprised as we were to see such intense shimmer in the aquarium water. Feel free to email us your videos of it’s shimmer to share with everyone!

A few more great features to mention…

  • The NEO is 100% waterproof, which is awesome!
  • It doesn’t need a built-in fan, so it operates silently, without noise!
  • It’s power consumption is only 30 watts



2 Replies to “We love it … the ‘Intense’ NEO Solar LED”

  1. Hi Mark!

    Yes, one NEO Solar LED will be plenty for your 45cm cube tank. We are currently using one over a 60cm cube and it’s doing great. Awesome shimmer!


  2. Hi,

    I have a 45cm x 45cm x45 cm aquarium. I would like to produce a carpeting effect in the aquarium.

    Will one of these produce enough light to do so?


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