Our PPS-Pro Fertilizer Pack … Just Mix & Dose

It’s ready to go…our new PPS-Pro Fert Pack is everything you need to get started with the Perpetual Preservation System (PPS) method of fertilization. The PPS Pro method is a convenient, low maintenance method of fertilizing your planted tank.

Our PPS-Pro Fert Pack includes:

  • Two 500mL Fertilizer Dispensing Bottles
  • Plantex CSM+B (trace elements)
  • Potassium Nitrate KNO3
  • Mono Potassium Phosphate KH2PO4
  • Potassium Sulfate K2SO4
  • Magnesium Sulfate MgSO4

What you will need to get started…

  • our PPS-Pro fertilizer package
  • distilled or RO water
  • a digital scale

Preparing the fert mix in the 500mL dosing bottles…

The following solution recipe is based on the use of two 500mL bottles. For alternative bottle sizes, please download the PPS-Pro calculator to determine the correct solution recipe. Before starting, we recommend to boil the plastic bottles to sanitize them.

Step 1.

Bottle #1 – use your digital scale to weigh the following ferts, then place dry contents in bottle:

  • K2SO4 – 29 grams
  • KNO3 – 33 grams
  • KH2PO4 – 3 grams
  • MgSO4 – 20 grams

Step 2.

Bottle #2 – use your digital scale to weigh the following ferts, then place dry contents in bottle:

  • Plantex CSM+B – 40 grams

Step 3.

Fill both bottles with distilled or reverse osmosis (RO) water, up to the 500mL water level line. Screw on caps tightly and shake well. Let the mixture sit over night until dissolved completely.

How to dose the mixture…

The recommended dosing quantity is 1 mL of each bottle per every 10 gallons or 40 litres of aquarium water. Dose daily, prior to your aquarium lights turning on.

Dosing examples:

  • 5 gal / 20 litre –> 10 drops
  • 10 gal / 40 litre –> 1 mL
  • 50 gal / 200 litre –> 5 mL
  • 100 gal / 400 litre –> 10 mL

24 thoughts on “Our PPS-Pro Fertilizer Pack … Just Mix & Dose”

  1. I regularly leave over the weekends, meaning I have an opportunity to dose Friday, but not again until Sunday evening. How do you recommend using PPS in this situation/

  2. My lights go on when I’m not home. Is it ok to dose 7hrs before the light cycle or should I dose halfway through it?

  3. That depends on how your tank is set up. The increase would usually be a result of nutrient demand in the tank. So you would need to figure out what your demand is. if you’re not into water parameter testing using real lab grade test kits vs hobby test kits, then start with doubling your dose. PPS-Pro dosing system is a lean dosing system, you’re only dosing enough plant food for the plants to completely use up during that days photo period. So increasing 2-5x wont hurt anything.

  4. I am starting with PPS method on a 22 gallon long heavily planted tank. I do not have CO2 unit on this tank. Should I reduce the recommended dose by 50% or maybe switch to one full dose every third day…your response is greatly appreciated…thank you

  5. Yes, it’s recommended to dose daily with PPS. To help prevent mold growth, take extra care during preparation to sterilize your dosing containers; also boil your water to sanitize before mixing or buy distilled water from your grocery. Enjoy your planted tank!

  6. Hey gla is it recommended to dose daily? And what can i do to prevent the mold grow inside the bottle?? Thanks

  7. Observe for mold growth in the bottles … if present, go ahead and mix a new batch. You may just want to make a fresh batch.

  8. I had purchased the PPS pro over a year ago but switched to ADA dosing shortly after. SO my question is Im getting ready to switch back to the PPS and I have both the micros & macros already mixed, is there a shelf life on either of these or should I just go ahead and mix up a new batch?

  9. James – If you are using RO water, we recommend you use GH Booster. You can find it under the Fertilizer section of our site. If you need any assistance with your current order or have any questions we can help with, please contact customer care at info@greenleafaquariums.com. We would love to help! Enjoy your planted tank!

  10. Thanks for the quick response I just ordered the pps-pro fert pack but I have one more question if you use all RO water in your fresh water planted aqurium is there anything else I have to add or do I just use the pps-pro fert pack?

  11. You could try to dose a bit extra the week prior to departure. Then, while on vacation, shorten your photo period and decrease CO2. When you get back home, do a water change and resume your regular routine. Good luck!

  12. I’m thinking about dosing via PPS but I’m concerned about what to while on vacation. Any recommendations?

  13. Hi Perry …

    Thanks for your great questions! No, it doesn’t matter which you dose first, micros or macros. You can dose both daily, one after the next … no need to wait between bottles. It is recommended to dose prior to lights turning on so that the nutrients are readily available for the plants to utilize when the lights turn on. Dosing at night will be fine. Enjoy your planted tank and let us know if you have any more questions we can help with.


  14. I just purchased your pps-pro fert pack. I can’t wait to start, I just have a few questions. Does it matter if you dose micros or macros first? Can you dose right after one another or do you have to wait? Why do you have to dose before the lights come on? And can you dose anytime at night or does it have to be right before the lights come back on?

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