Up Aqua Soil

Coming in late October we will be carrying Up Aqua Soils new substrate. The reviews on this substrate have been awesome from the UK reports,Asia and Australia. This rich nutrient substrate has a lot to offer the planted aquarium hobby. Its a nutrient rich clay substrate loaded with iron and phosphorus as well as many other essentials for thriving planted tank. As soon as the cargo arrives we will be sure to follow up so stay tuned!

Green Leaf Aquariums, Up Aqua Shrimp Sand

Green Leaf Aquariums now carries Up Aqua Shrimp Sand in 2 sizes, regular and Micro grain size. Its a nano size bag at 2KG. Its not so much a sand, more like your traditional granular planted aquarium soil substrate only much more robust and specifically formulated to breed and house shrimp. If you have any questions feel free to email us via our website contact form.