Why Cal Aqua Labs?

The CAL AQUA LABS Difference What makes CAL AQUA LABS‘ glassware unique? All glassware is not equal. What distinguishes glassware by CAL from others can be summarized in the four major steps that every piece of CAL glassware is required to undergo: Design Our goal is to create innovative devices and improve upon existing designs in both physical form as well as its function and ease of use. Our glassware is designed to combine artistic form with function, resulting in glassware that is both elegant to look at as well…

Cal Aqua Labs now in stock!

Cal Aqua Labs has introduced another new drop checker. This particular drop checker is available with or without a suction pad. The Cal Aqua Labs Clip drop checker is the most versatile drop checker on the planet when it comes to placement in the planted aquarium environment. The white background the Cal Aqua Labs Clip Drop Checker has makes reading the color changes a breeze from a distance. Here you can see the many ways in which you can use the Cal Aqua labs Clip Drop Checker