Green Leaf Aquariums Newsletter – Issue 3 – January 2011

Happy New Year! We are excited about 2011 and would like to wish all of our friends and customers the very best in the new year. We hope that everyone is staying warm in these winter months, and hope that your aquariums are thriving and full of color and life. Thank you for supporting our store. To show our appreciation, we would like to give you a choice of one of our special offers on your next purchase. Please continue below for details. DRIFTWOOD In case you haven’t heard, we…

Practical Fish Keeping – PFK – Aquascaping Art Exhibition

A collection featuring several live and mature aquascapes were displayed at an art gallery, for the first time in the UK. The four day exhibit featured aquariums by aquascaping artists, and PFK contributors, George Farmer, Graeme Edwards and James Starr-Marshall. Check out the video below and read the article on the exhibition written by James Starr-Marshall.